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DrG Wellness Private Limited - the fastest growing wellness company in India led by Dr. Gaurav Sharma, renowned diabetologist is engaged in manufacturing and promotion of nutritional food supplements for lifestyle related disorders with a large user base spread across India and globally.

Dr.G Wellness was founded in 2011 with a mission to help the patients suffering from lifestyle disorders like Diabetes/ Arthritis giving them a new ray of hope to lead a healthy life.

Dr.G Wellness is a team of senior scientists, medical professionals and dedicated patient relationship executives drawn from the best institutions to support the patients at every level to help them manage/ reverse Diabetes / Arthritis.


  • I am suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis on my left foot since last two years, its swollen, pains while walking, I had even thought of resigning from my job. After taking Arthritplus since last five months and now am leading a normal life. The pain and swelling in my left foot is still there but reduced considerably and bearable.

    Mrs Durga Bahadur Shrestha
    Kathmandu, Nepal
  • I am glad to tell you that my mother 70 yrs old, little fatty, a serious arthritis patient since 17 yrs, started supplements on 20th May 14 .She got relief after 20 days .No words to thank you. It’s really a miracle. Her whole body was in pain , Now no pain .She ‘s very happy. I regularly watch you on TV .You are really doing great for the society.

    Mr S.L.Bhardwaj
    Trivandrum ( Kerala)
  • Within three months I was out of my allopathic medicine .Today I am living happy life without caring too much of my diabetes .Now I can proudly say that I completely reversed my diabetes. I wish that the whole world be free from diabetes with Dr. Gaurav Sharma’s Diabetic Solutions .Wish you a very happy and a charming life.

    Mr. Rohit Singla 35yrs
  • You have given new life and hope to my mother .She is 63 yrs suffering from diabetes , hypertension and Osteroarthritis. Your supplements have done magic and now she has very less pain in her knees and her sugar levels are coming down. Once again Thanks and keep up this great work. You have not given life to my mother ,Sir you have given life to me as she is my life.

    Mrs Madhvi Sharma, d/o patient
    Ludhiana Punjab
  • I regained my energy levels, I had pain in my legs because of diabetes which vanished away in 15 days, 50% of wrinkles on my face had disappeared

    Mrs Shivani Ghosh
    New Delhi
  • I am suffering from Type–I Diabetes since 7 yrs I started Taking Diabetplus and Diabetall from Feb 2013 .After my first baby who is 6 years old . I was on insulin, I was planning for second baby and the doses were very high . I consulted Dr Gaurav Sharma who suggested me about diet plan and my sugar levels came to normal within a month .The insulin doses of insulin were reduced from 22units and 12 units to 10 units and 8 units .We are very glad and thankful to Dr Gaurav Sharma who has given a precious gift to us in form of Diabetplus and Diabetall. It is really a miracle by taking your supplements my other problems such as headache, weight loss, back ache , short sightedness ,irritation are cured .We are not able to pay Dr Gaurav Sharma’s work which is a great gift to us only God will give him a great reward for his precious job. We pray to God that God will give long life to him, his family and his entire team so that they can shine as bright as stars and can save millions of life.

    Mrs Yasmin Khan
  • My sugar levels were Fasting 150 to 160 and PP 190-200 Now My Fasting is 111 and PP-92.I had a heart attack on 11th Feb 2014.I have undergone angioplasty .I was taking 1 tab of glyciphage 500 SR in afternoon.but my doctor had told me to take it BID(twice a day). I started Diabetplus from 26th May 2014.Previously I was feeling very lethargic and weak but after starting your supplements I am feeling very energetic .I lost about 5 kgs of weight and now it is 57 kg. The complexion of my skin also changed and became fairer and fresh. After taking Diabetplus my sugar levels started decreasing .We are very thankful to Dr Gaurav sharma and their entire team..Now I have reduced allopathic tablet and only 1/4th is remaining I am hopeful that it will also stop soon. I wish that you could start a center in Kolhapur so that more people can take the benefit.

    Dr. Kiran Patil
  • I got diabetes in 2003 ,My blood sugar levels were 350 to 400mg/dl.Then I started allopathic medicines .My Sugar blood sugar levels were under control .but energy levels were dropping. I was concerned about my future, my health.
    Diabetplus and Diabetall brought a turning point to my life, where by my HBAIC from 7.8 came down to 6.8 in 3 months with impressive reduction in blood sugar levels, in hand increment in energy levels. I also lost 3 kgs weight and feeling lightness in the body.
    Now with lot of positivity I am looking forward to stopping my allopathic medicines and a life free of diabetes complications

    Mr V.K Wadhawan
    New Delhi

Our Specialities


Reversing Diabetes

Dr. Gaurav Sharma with his extensive research and medical experience of dealing with lifestyle disorders gave a turning point to diabetes treatment and his approach towards dealing with a diabetic.

Dr. Gaurav’s treatment includes dietary modification and counselling, specially designed exercise program for Diabetes, motivational counselling and nutritional food supplements. Rather than just keeping the blood sugars within controlled levels with OHDs and Insulin his approach is towards improving the sensitivity of insulin (in Type 2 DM) and consistently maintaining the Blood sugar levels in safe zone of 80 to 120mg/dl followed by gradual reduction of their OHDs or insulin.

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Reversing Arthiritis

With His extensive research and medical experience Dr. Gaurav Sharma developed unique blend of nutritional food supplements to reverse Osteoarthritis.

These supplements contain herbs and plant extracts that are obtained by the latest and the safest technology. These along with the vitamins and minerals regulate the body metabolism by acting at the molecular level thereby bringing the body back to its natural state. The body is able to repair and regenerate its cells in a natural way, immune system is strengthened. There are no drugs and medicines involved and hence the whole process is natural.

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With his extensive research and medicinal experience, Dr. Gaurav Sharma found that Most of the people, as well as people with diabetes and other lifestyle disorders are also fighting with the problem of weight management.

He found that whether you are an obese, hard-core athlete or an average gymgoer, it is crucial to include plenty of protein throughout the day to build strong muscles and stay full which automatically leads to weight loss and management of the eating habits. Most vegetarians have lower protein intake due to the absence of meat in their diet. Therefore the key to a proper and healthy weight management without starving yourself is to incorporate the right protein drink.

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